Top tool for Manage the Software Process [link]


BIOS/Motherboard [link]

Site optimization [Link]

One trick is Using Cache,


Software Development Tips Web Application

  1. When you develop any database connectivity make sure connectivity should be in single place ,because it is easy to change when modification of connectivity is require.
  2. Add comment ,when important source code block is in web page.
  3. Maintain standard for variable name , static variable name.
  4. When you upload your site on server for testing male sure to create sub domain in your hosting site and create one ftp account and integrate with your dreamweaver
  5. For connect account to Dreamweaver ,refer this
  7. If you have problem to create new user in local server then open xampp shell and write
  8. Then create the new user , Select database –>privileges–>Add your server detail

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